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Útilykt Solid Perfume - 66°Norður X Fischersund

Útilykt Solid Perfume - 66°Norður X Fischersund

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Útilykt perfume

ÚTILYKT is inspired by Icelandic nature and the scent of the Icelandic outdoors; the wind, the sea, the snow, freshly cut grass, and being outside. 

Headwind in every direction
Drifting snow creeping undercoat collars 
Snow beads on wooly mittens
Berry colored tongue and head resting on a pillow of moss
Lawnmower in a distant garden
An undressed Christmas tree blowing down the sidewalk in the sea breeze
Frosted windows, weather forecast, and the car heater on full blast. 

ÚTILYKT solid perfumes, inspired by Icelandic nature, are blended with high-grade essential oils and combined with Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Jojoba Oil, and Candelilla Wax for easy application. Each perfume is hand-poured into a hand-stamped tin box, making it ideal for on-the-go use. The products are handmade in Iceland.

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About Fischersund

Fischersund is a close-knit family brand from Iceland where everything is handcrafted locally by themesvles.Their scents and fragrance are handcrafted and extracted from their local Icelandic herbs. The most significant about their scents and fragrances is that, they have a very nice wood-base scent to their line of work. Read more about their brand from our blog!

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