If you are looking for something unique and new for your gifts or holiday, look no further! We are super excited to be the first brand in Hong Kong to bring in Fischersund!

Fischersund is a close-knit family brand from Iceland where the family relationship has been strongly bonded together ever since their father’s generations. The duo brother team have been encouraging and supporting their kids in every way possible, and they actually helped constructed the Fischersund shop.

The four siblings are working closely with their partners in developing new designs and products around the brand. It is a super interesting dynamic when I first engaged with the family. The siblings are working so closely together and you could really feel their whole family’s dedication and passion for what they love.

As such a sensual brand, they have their very own herb specialist in the house! “She formulates and handcrafts unique, high-quality skincare products for Fischersund by synergistically combining handpicked wild Icelandic herbs, traditional Chinese herbs, and organic botanical oils to create biochemically active blends designed to boost cellular processes, balance the body's natural oils and stimulate skin and hair health.” - Fischersund

If you happen to travel to Iceland, their fragrance journey is definitely a must to try out. They have scentsoiral tours, in which one of their co-founders, will take you on an incredible scent journey where you could explore their revolving scent exhibition and their signature Icelandic drink. Through these journey you could unravel their approach to craftsmanship through local Icelandic ingredients in their very own artisan ways. 

I personally absolutely love their collection of perfumes and candles. For starters, they are mainly wood base, which is my main go-to for scent collections. Their perfumes are so uniquely combined, they each give me a different memory lane experience and journey. If you are a sucker for wood-based scents or fragrances, I really recommend that you stop by our physical space for a sniff.

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