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Handmade in Iceland.

Individual Packaging with a box


The first-ever Sigur Rós x Fischersund limited edition scent is now available in a larger 50 ml. This new cult scent was created by Jónsi and the Fischersund team in celebration of the Sigur Rós World Tour starting in Europe on 28 September and ending in Iceland 25 November.

FLOTHOLT features a blend of amber, bergamot, birch tar, fresh air, seaweed, dirt, grass, and vetiver.

Handmade in Iceland.    

50 ml/1.7oz 


Sigur Rós X Fischersund 
Head above water - Scent survival kit

The FLOTHOLT SCENT SURVIVAL KIT includes one 5ml fragrance vial of limited edition FLOTHOLT, created especially for the Sigur Rós World Tour 2022. Also includes three incense cones and one portion of Icelandic herbal tea.  Allow this exclusive scentsorial experience to carry you away. Simply close your eyes, spray and escape.

Fischersund is a family-run business that harnesses a collective of artisans at the intersection of scent, shop, gallery, and art. The team includes Jónsi, Lilja, Inga Birgis, Rosa, and their partners Sindri and Kjartan. The brand lives in an experiential shop in downtown Reykjavik – a creative, family-run space in which every object has been designed to convey the aesthetic manifesto – allowing the senses to synthesize and harmonize. 

All products are handmade in Reykjavík, Iceland.

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About Fischersund

Fischersund is a close-knit family brand from Iceland where everything is handcrafted locally by themesvles.Their scents and fragrance are handcrafted and extracted from their local Icelandic herbs. The most significant about their scents and fragrances is that, they have a very nice wood-base scent to their line of work. Read more about their brand from our blog!

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