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#001 Moon Jar - 50 Moon Jars

#001 Moon Jar - 50 Moon Jars

The #001 Moon Jar is a one-of-a-kind piece crafted by the renowned ceramist Queenie Leung, a testament to her tireless experimentation and refinement. Its unique glazing features a cracked aesthetic enhanced by a soft, oatmeal-white hue. Own a piece of Leung's creative legacy with this exclusive, limited-edition jar.

Artist - Queenie Leung

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    Your purchase of this Moon Jar supportsLove21 Foundation, making a positive impact on individuals with Down syndrome, autism, and neurodiverse abilities in Hong Kong.

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    Mark your calendar for the event on[June 14 2023 - July 1st]to experience the enchanting Moon Jar collection firsthand and meet the talented artists behind these remarkable pieces.

About the show

Discover the captivating world of Moon Jars and explore our exquisite collection of 50 unique pieces. Immerse yourself in the beauty and cultural significance of these timeless ceramic vessels.

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