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Hard Edge Petrol Lighter

Hard Edge Petrol Lighter

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The Hard-edge was introduced in 1999 when contemporary lighter design had moved towards streamlined and decorative forms. They took a contrarian approach to introduce an un-ergonomic lighter with minimal ‘hard’ outlines, emphasising its object-ness. The Hard-edge has since become an iconic item in our catalogue spanning over 60 years.


Material: Polycarbonate, Steel and Cotton
Size: 60 x 35 x 15 mm
Made in Japan

Green and Red have a rubber coating finishing that gives it a softer touch.


👩🏻 Shopkeeper's Note

For your stylish friend who is curious and wants different styles to match their daily outfit and styles, the brand carries over 20 different colours and styles combined! Feel free to email us, or Instagram message us for more information! 

*If you have chosen to ship to you, we will not be able to fuel it up for you for safety purpose.

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