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Make sure the flint is long enough. If it is shorter, replace the flint with a new one. If it is shortened to about 1/3 of the original length, it is a guide for replacement. Please note that the rivets will be filed if the flint is not installed or if it is worn away.  Recommend to buy it together with lighters, as these are consumable items! If you have trouble refilling them, you could always reach us at our shop. 

It comes with 20pcs per box. Usually takes 1-2 months for a new refill, if you are using it very constantly.


Made in Japan

👩🏻 Shopkeeper's Note

We do after-sales management for all the lighters we sell from our shop! As I love to fiddle around the gadgets myself, and I wholeheartedly believe the tastefulness in everyday carry is that they are timeless and could always fix! 

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