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Trench Lighter

Trench Lighter

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Weight: 37g

Length: 9cm including the ring

Width: 2cm

This WW1 brass trench lighter is a faithful replica of the 'Cartridge-Case' lighter originally made from spent bullet cases by WW1 British soldiers during the Great War. Like the original, it's handmade from solid brass, ignited by flint and fueled by lighter fluid. The sliding storm guard shields the flame, even in a strong wind.

This handy trench lighter has a polished finishing. It fuels and runs on lighter liquid and it can be easily be fueled by un-screwing from the bottom. If needed you can replace flints from the side by unscrewing the knob with a screwdriver.

If you like to fiddle around with carry-ons, this is def a toy to play with. Its design is def. not perfect, flawed engineeringly, but opportunity for you to fixer up it.

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  • Flint

    You can replace them with original brand flint that we have it available in the shop

  • Gas / Lighter Fluid

    We do not sale them separately, but if you buy it from our physical shop we will help you fill it up. You can buy them from any hardware store.

  • Wick

    We have been maintaining lighters for people since 2019, and it was always a pleasure. Bring them to our shop to have it cleaned up as well!