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Silver Plate Dish

Silver Plate Dish

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SizeW 20.5 x D 13 x H 1 cm

Made in India

Material: Silver plated brass

This shiny silver-plated brass tray is perfect for serving up snackin' treats or displaying your favorite baubles! Please note that since each piece is handmade, small irregularities can occur.

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About Fog Linen

Fog Linen Work is a Japanese lifestyle brand founded by Yumiko Sekine during the late 1990s. With an international following, Fog is well known for its range of linen housewares + clothing, as well as its developing collection of wood, brass, and metal objects for everyday living. Shop Fog Linen is independent and works closely with Fog Linen Work. We're friends, colleagues, and simply enjoy collaborating to further a natural lifestyle mission. Together, we endeavor to design and distribute an honest, beautiful, and long-lasting product.

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