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Scrub Brush Sasara Tawashi [For Corners] (Cleaning)

Scrub Brush Sasara Tawashi [For Corners] (Cleaning)

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Size: dia10 x h110mm

Takada Tawashi Brush - Great for those tight tiny corners and those tiny areas around your keyboard!

Every single are hand crafted with love and in Japan Wakayama (和歌山) Prefecture

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Takada Tawashi

Founded in 1948 in Japan’s Wakayama Prefecture, Takada Tawashi specializes in handcrafting the traditional Japanese scrub brushes known as tawashi. The company’s artisans use bark that has been carefully harvested from windmill palms, which are native to Wakayama. Astonishingly soft yet also firm, the brushes are as suitable for bathing as they are for scrubbing fruits and vegetables.

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