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Ronson nostalgia chrome satin

Ronson nostalgia chrome satin

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This particular design you see as of today is the nostalgia line that replicates the functionality of the 1926 Ronson Banjo, known as “NOSTALGIA” 

The brand, Ronson was founded by Louis V. Aronson, in 1886 focused on metal decorative works like figurines, lamps and other home related items. He then invented “The Ronson Pist-O-Liter and Wonderlite in 1910. In refining the design, Ronson introduced “Ronson Banjo” as the world’s first automatic pocket lighter, which required with only the press of the button to ignite and generate flame.

The Nostalgia Standard Is The Modern Version Of The Standard De-Light First Introduced In 1926. 
The New Nostalgia Design Bear Close Resemblance To The Original Standard With A Modern Touch.
The Beautifully Designed Lighter Features:

  • Fluid Refillable

  • Adjustable Flame

  • Wick Lighter

  • Silk Lined Gift Box

  • Measured At 49 X 42 X 14mm

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  • Flint

    You can replace them with original brand flint that we have it available in the shop

  • Gas / Lighter Fluid

    We do not sale them separately, but if you buy it from our physical shop we will help you fill it up. You can buy them from any hardware store.

  • Wick

    We have been maintaining lighters for people since 2019, and it was always a pleasure. Bring them to our shop to have it cleaned up as well!