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Noda Horo White Enamel Series

Noda Horo White Enamel Series

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Rectangle Deep with Lid: W18.3x D12.5 x H6.2cm | Weight : ~300g | Capacity : ~0.85L

Square Shallow with Lid: W10 .6x D10.6x H5.4cm | Weight : ~130g | Capacity : ~0.32L

Square Deep with Lid: W12.4x D12 .4x H11.8 cm | Weight : ~350g | Capacity : ~1.2L

Rectangle Plate W.328x D.248x H.47 mm | Weight : ~630g | Capacity : ~2.5L


As it can be put on direct fire or in ovens, not to mention its function as a storage container, users can reheat or cook the content that was once in the refrigerator. further, as it's simple and beautiful in form, it can possibly be used as a container, while there are a lot of users cherishing it as a lunch box.

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