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Mino Ware Angle Plate - White

Mino Ware Angle Plate - White

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Width /25x7.2cm
Height /1.8 cm

This collection is the production of Jyuzan which is a Japanese company located in a city called Toki, in Nagoya. This company came from a long line of history, started back in 1898 (明治31) when the founder, first started with mainly Shino ware, sake bottles, sake cups and incense burners. Currently, it is in the hands of the fourth generation, since 1970. Despite the industry’s change of going mechanic, they are still keen on using the traditional potter handmade craftsmanship. 

Angle, White glaze. At a glaze, this looks like an octagonal industrial design. But in fact, if you look closely. You will notice the edge have a soft round finishing, which makes it soft to touch. With its shape being rough, the white glaze pops out the edges as accents.
Weight /About 240g

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