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Layered Vessels

Layered Vessels

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Layered Vessel Thin Ice - Footed Lid - w312 x d177 x h33 mm

Layered Vessel Thin Ice - Box Trayw300 x d165 x h43 mm

Layered Vessel Thin Stone - Footed Lid - w312 x d177 x h33 mm

Layered Vessel Thin Stone - Box Trayw300 x d165 x h43 mm


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  • Oji Masanori - Designer

    A native of Hiroshima Prefecture, he transitioned from working in architecture and graphic design to pursuing a career as a handicraft designer. His creative endeavors encompass a range of Japanese handicrafts, including graphic designs for ongoing projects and integrated branding for his product families. He approaches each design with a focus on honoring the essence of the handmade item and its unique journey.

  • AIZAWA Wood Works - Maker

    AIZAWA Wood Works, founded in 1947 in Japan, specializes in various woodwork techniques and delivers exquisite wooden tableware.

    Each grain of wood holds and supports the tree itself, allowing it to grow thicker and larger while accumulating strength. It takes around 100 years for a tree to reach a size suitable for making dishes or trays.

  • From Japan

    AIZAWA Wood Works, founded in 1947 in the city of Wajima, Ishikawa prefecture is a workshop of wood base for Wajima lacquerware. In 2013, they started editing their own design.

  • Old and experienced

    With more than 70 years of experience of lacquerware production, and a mixture of new art director Oji Masanori (Since 2019), the brand reignited with some new and popular home and tableware design.

  • Old hardwood

    Unlike the Albiza Tree figurines that we have within CO90, Aizawa uses woods that have been around for more than 100 years! As you know, the tree will strengthens as it grows older, with higher density making every block and tableware durable and long lasting! Each piece is made with the best equipment, high precision and delicate hand polishing. Which can last you for over hundreds of you years, if used with care.