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Douglass Field S Lighter

Douglass Field S Lighter

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Weight: 67g

The big feature of this lighter is its toughness of completion despite it being a precise instrument. This lighter is a combination of 45 parts all calculated within a 1/100 millimetre tolerance. It is designed to be durable and waterproof. Also, the wick and the body are surrounded by an integrated wind guard to make it wind resistant. In addition, new technology to the lighter is the adoption of a plate spring that is not used in the file. When it comes to a true heirloom quality pocket lighter that is built to last several lifetimes, that boasts a mastery level of craftsmanship and functionality - there is only one option out there - and you’ve found it in this lighter.

Please take note: does not come with oil when shipped for safety reason. You are able to purchase lighter fluid at any hardware store.

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  • Flint

    You can replace them with original brand flint that we have it available in the shop

  • Gas / Lighter Fluid

    We do not sale them separately, but if you buy it from our physical shop we will help you fill it up. You can buy them from any hardware store.

  • Wick

    We have been maintaining lighters for people since 2019, and it was always a pleasure. Bring them to our shop to have it cleaned up as well!