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Brew KeepCup - Latte

Brew KeepCup - Latte

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XS - 6OZ / 177ML
S - 8OZ / 227ML
M - 12OZ / 340ML
L - 16OZ / 454ML

The KeepCup Brew was created to deepen the sensory experience of the coffee ritual. Made from fully tempered soda lime glass which means it’s tough, shock resistant and can withstand high temperature. Also featuring a heat resistant recycled cork band.

KeepCup is designed to be taken apart for thorough cleaning. (Not the band) Hand-wash only, as. the band will degrade through the dishwasher. It can hold up to the heat of 100°C with lids off. If you are into cafe hopping and taking nice photos. The brew collection is a great photo-friendly option, as they are made out of glass you will be able to see it’s layering of different drinks!

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