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Alfresco Wine Glass

Alfresco Wine Glass

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φ85 x H115 mm / 250 ml
φ3.4 x H4.6 in / 8.5 oz


Don’t be fooled by the name “wine glass”. This elegant and stackable wine ware is actually made out of acrylic, which is extremely light, durable and dishwasher safe. Best of all, it is stackable which means it can save a lot of cupboard space!

AS resin Upper temperature torelance: 90℃/194℉ Dishwasher safe.

Do not use in a microwave. When using a dishwasher, please store it in the upper basket to avoid force and weight applied to it. Do not use abrasive cleansers or steel wool. Do not place near open flames. Do not pour in boiling water. Some products may have thin lines on the surface due to plastic manufacturing process. Some products may have roughness on the surface due to the polishing process to remove sharp parts.

Colours: Smoke & Clear

Sold in Pairs.

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