Every time someone asks me ‘ How old are you?’ It takes me a full 3 minutes to think and comprehend the fact that I will be turning 30 in about a few years. For some reasons, my brain has been wired to believe that I am still 21. How Time flies! With the recent pandemic happening, my life has slowed down a lot more, the need for self-isolation has forced me to be very deep in my thoughts. It sometimes almost feels like the world is going to end soon, and if it does, what are some things that I would like to do to live life to the uttermost with no regrets. Here are 30 things I would jump right into after self isolation is over:

  1. Get married - Yes. I am a sucker for love.

  2. Spend days out without my phone - In a world full of smartphones, it is almost impossible to go anywhere without your phone. If there was a day without Instagram and WhatsApp, It would be easier to be present. 

  3. Do another Via Ferrata - a climbing route that employs steel cables, rungs, ladders fixed to a rock. My first time doing it was in Switzerland and thought that it was just a regular 'hike'. Little did I know.... it was one of the scariest but yet exciting things I have ever done in my life. Also, my short Asian arms and legs have been proved highly disadvantaged in Via Ferrata. 

  4. Cook a huge meal for my family friends ( this does not include instant meal packs) 

  5. Learn to sing a song properly (I can't sing. period.) 

  6. Try standup comedy (and not pay 'under the table money' for people to laugh at my jokes)

  7. Travel Solo again - First time was when I turned 21 and went to Phuket. It was a fantastic experience, I've discovered the vast difference between being alone and feeling lonely.

  8. Go on a trip with my closest friends 

  9. Learn scuba diving (with my Dad)

  10. Go Camping at Yosemite National Park

  11. Visit the salt lakes in Bolivia

  12. Hug an Alpaca in Peru (and not get spat at)

  13. Sky Diving

  14. Rent an RV and go on a road trip

  15. Witness my brother fall in love (he doesn't think True love exists) 

  16. Own my dream car- I won't be greedy, a Tesla or Jeep will do

  17. Adopt a dog

  18. Own my own apartment/ House - and preferably a kitchen island counter and a walk-in wardrobe, please. Thankyouverymuch. 

  19. Stay at an elephant camp for a week

  20. Travel with my family 

  21. Go on a mission trip to volunteer 

  22. Ride on a hot air balloon at Turkey

  23. Go Skinny dipping ( ooooOOOOOooooooyeaaaaAAAhhhhhHH)

  24. Go on an African Safari Tour

  25. Watch Beyonce, Sam Smith, Daniel Caesar live

  26. Hang out with Conan O Brien (Literally one of my fav person in the world)

  27. Preach the good word

  28. Swim with Dolphins 

  29. Have a kid .. or 2 (Maybe)

  30. Go to a movie at a drive-in theatre

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