If you follow my Instagram account, you would know that my first encounter with KeepCup was unintentional and quite anti climatic. It was a gift given to me from my sister who travelled from Japan. The ungrateful side of me have been fully exposed when I thought to myself: girlllll, there are a million things you could’ve bought me from Japan but you got me a tumbler?! Little did I know, it will be one of the best gifts I have ever received.

After falling in love with my KeepCup and being inseparable ever since, I was intrigued by the company and decided to look into other products that they may have. As a person who is passionate about the environment and sustainability, I was deeply inspired by the story behind KeepCup and their motto. And at that moment, I knew this was a product I had to bring in to our Hong Kong friends, hoping to connect and encourage other people through my personal experience on how to live a more conscious and low-impact lifestyle.


First, Lets begin with the birth Story of KeepCup:

The founders Jamie And Abigail Forsyth started a cafe business in Melbourne in 1998 and as the business grew, so did their concerns about the volume of packaging being consumed, particularly disposable cups which are non-recyclable. In 2007, following unsuccessful trials of existing reusable cups, they decided to design and make their own barista standard reusable cup for people to enjoy better coffee on the go. The first KeepCups were sold to coffee-loving Melbournians nearly ten years ago at a small underground design market. The reuse movement grew from there, with the support of the cafe and roaster community endorsing change. Today, KeepCups are used in more than 65 countries around the world, diverting millions of disposable cups from landfill everyday and through their actions inspire others to do the same.

How is KeepCup helping the earth?

Some may ask, If the cafes I’m going to offer recyclable cup, why should I still use reusable Coffee Cups. Well - fun fact, only about 1% of disposable cups are actually recycled. Even though alot of companies pride themselves on using recyclable take away cups, a very few people actually bother to recycle them. Not only that, The material is paper bonded to plastic which means it cannot be fully processed at a recycling centre. I’m no genius in mathematics but If I order takeout for 3-4 cups of coffee everyday, that would mean I will be throwing away 120 disposable cups AND plastic lid by the end of a month! It scares me to think I am contributing to building mountain of cups in the landfill.

Luckily for the sustainably-minded coffee lovers, KeepCup are dedicated to solving this issue, to reduce carbon footprint. According to the statistics in Keepcup’s website, using one of it’s plastic (LDPE) recyclable KeepCups for a year instead of disposable paper coffee cups will lead to 36-47% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, 64-85% reduction in water use, 91-92% reduction in landfill! It’s crazy to realise how much a small investment in a reusable coffee cup can do for the earth.

In 2018, KeepCup conducted a “Life Cycle Assessment” of their products. The results of this Life Cycle Assessment showed that KeepCups have a lower environmental impact than their single-use paper/polypropylene counterparts after just 24 days of use. The Life Cycle Assessment came to this conclusion assuming one use per day for each KeepCup. Of course in reality you can reuse your KeepCup many times per day, depending on your coffee consumption. Not only that, 1% of all KeepCup revenue is donated annually to the 1% for the Planet campaign, citing its “ responsibility as a corporate citizen to the environment, our employees and our communities.”


Materials of the Keep Cup:

PLASTIC : The plastics and silicone used are all BPA/BPS free, recyclable
GLASS: Tempered soda lime glass which is durable, shock resistant, dishwasher safe and can withstand high temperatures. Tempered glass is also recyclable.
CORK: Natural, renewable, biodegradable, up-cycled from a wine cork production in Portugal. The bands are water resistant, antibacterial and heat resistant.
STAINLESS STEEL: highly durable, reuse longevity and 100% recyclable resource without degradation. Stainless steel 19/9 is well known for its antibacterial and hygienic properties which means it does not need an interior coating or lining and is easy to clean with no metallic after taste. It is double walled and vacuum sealed, safe for hot and cold beverages.



The website operates with full disclosure of all their chosen materials, check out their website for more info.
Their Packaging materials are made from recycled cardboard and paper.

How to take care of KeepCup products?

Cleaning have never been easier. You can rise or gently hand wash it after a coffee run, and place it into the dishwasher for a deep clean once a week. The lid can be easily removed and replaced if misplaced! Washing the cork band may cause it to expand and loosen, we suggest to rest it upside down in a warm place to restore shape.


A small action of choosing zero-waste path can lead to huge change! Reduce the amount of disposable cups and bring a KeepCup with you.


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