Éphēlis's Collection

Experience and senses are critical to her attributes and design inspirations.

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  • Past

    Femme Collection is a collection started as a personal and intimate project that subtly advocates the complexity of the naked imperfections of a human figure. I believe that with her background in fashion must have played a role in inspiring her to work on this project. I think it reflects her time in the past, which is nicely reflected in her clay and glaze.

  • Present

    Holding stone Collection is a collection of forms that serve the primary function of “holding” and “grounding” that will encourage or assist one to slow down and be present. Each piece, despite its function, is designed to fit into your palm. The oyster bowls could be used as a bowl for feeding, drinking, and floral arrangements. Where our beloved calming stone could be used for incense holding, def helps set up that very personal zen corner.

  • Transitioning

    The Moon Collection, which she calls the Moon because it symbolises change and the source of life. With the continuation of Femme and Holding stone and inspiration of the Lunar phase, she makes sure that all pieces coming from this collection will be able to reflect that texture and beauty coming out from that transition. I think it definitely nicely portrayed her past and present experience. Both rough and smooth.

Some of her work