I have my pros and cons when it comes to productivity. I love self-help books, as they are always an interesting POV to see different issues that other people tackle. Productivity is a life long experience of trial and error. I might be productive at my own business, but not as much when coming down to personal health tracking. I have tools to track my daily activity and plan out my days and weeks ahead. I think this is an opportunity to share my 2 cents with all of you, and hear about what you do for your daily activity tracking.

Trello board

Huge fan and crazy about the Trello board! First, they are free. Exactly the thing a start-up would need when they first started. Great way to manage your project throughout the business. Prioritize your stuff! If you could lend a hand from your sister’s college kid, this tool will be something easy and to hop on to use. You could set up your system in your own pace, Label them based on your personal needs. And add on features based on the projects you work.

This is how our Trello Board looks like, and we try to break the labelling accordingly. To have others understand your workflow, its essential to make annotation card to identify which label stands for


According to my productivity guru idol Matt D’avella, ( He did, I would call it alot of research on being productive and getting the momentum to working. I recently learned that the most complicated occupation is actually being broken down into checklist and carefully curated and designed by professions, as industry “standards and safety protocols” For example, neurosurgeon have a list of checklist of things they have to do before, during and after the surgery. They have a strict protocol to stick too. Same for aviation. There is a preflight checklist that will be performed by pilots and aircrew prior take-off and before landing. They even have a checklist for cases when there is an accident, to what protocol they have to execute.

This is a screenshot of our "CHECKLIST" when we come to making/creating a blog within a team.


Business Instagram

Well, as I maintain an Instagram presence store, I tend to find myself distracted with other social media distraction. This new business has brought in some toxic habit for me. I am on Instagram for more the 5hours daily, constantly checking in things, seeing if people are interacting with the post etc. Instagram and Facebook have a social media management tool that helps set up your social media in the pipeline. This is a handy tool to kick start a way to get yourself one excuse out of the way to be on Instagram for too long.


Plan your schedule ahead. (Any Calendar)

I have a couple of projects I am tackling in my life. My freelance projects, my business clients, my family, myself, and Co-ninety. Well you could see a little of what happened to me in March… When I first begin scheduling, I tend to overestimate my capability and over-schedule my days. I was burnt out by the end of the day. In which, I learned that planning schedule ahead is a process and something to learn about. Giving yourself tasks and stick to it, I struggled a lot myself to overcome procrastination, as I hate that guilt after a day for not efficiently achieve anything. So it is essential for me to to get things done. I tried the method of “eat that frog” killing the most annoying thing on the list that you really hate and your day will be easier to achieve. I think this method works from time to time. As your brain and behaviour is a muscle, that needs training, I don’t think its super-efficient and long lasting to constantly start your day to kill the most tedious/ annoying stuff on the list. Instead, I implemented a little Marie Kondo into my daily rountine, by fixing myself a pour-over to "spark joy"


Design your schedule (Pen, Paper and Time)

As an experience designer, I always crave the urge of improving and testing out. The idea of “design thinking” could be implement into your life. Design thinking is a methodology that is a process for which design concepts are being developed. As a lot of time, design ideas are constantly up in the air and never down to execution (If you are a designer you know what I meant) But the same context is applicable to life, we always envisioned a “dream life” and we work so hard to achieve it. However, no matter how hard we tried, we tend to always be “thinking” about it less of doing it. Their is a course in Stanford that is called called “Design your life” in which they implement the design thinking methodology into your day to day life. So in the end, it is a process of emphasize, define, ideate, prototype and test. Not necessarily in this order(or terminology), as it is not a linear process. It could be happen intertwined. I am still very struggling to put health (exercise) into my schedule. But I noticed that, true to the fact that “eat that frog” needs to be done sooner as it will not eat up your energy. But also, I think to kick start a day with a ritual that you enjoy could bloom up that positivity into your day to day routine. This will be my common day to day interaction and timeline throughout the Week/Day.

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